Private Schools Demand Remarking of 2022 BECE Results, N-COPST Raises Concerns

The Council's Logo and The Executive Director of N-COPST, Mr. Ackon James
The Council's Logo and The Executive Director of N-COPST, Mr. Ackon James

The National Council of Private School Teachers (N-COPST) has raised concerns about the marking of the 2022 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the Results.

According to the Executive Director of N-COPST, Mr. Ackon James, many private schools prepared their students well enough for the exams but were surprised to see disappointing results. Mr. James has stated that this has led to many students leaving private schools due to their failure in the BECE.

The private schools have expressed dissatisfaction with the BECE results and have called for a remarking of the exams. The Executive Director of N-COPST has encouraged affected schools not to worry, as the organization is currently preparing to meet with the Management of the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) to address the matter and ensure fairness and accuracy in the marking process.

To ensure that their concerns are heard, the Executive Director of N-COPST has requested that all private schools who have applied for WAEC remarking and have not received new BECE results fill out a form for the necessary action.

Additionally, private schools who are unhappy with their BECE results but have not applied for WAEC remarking are also encouraged to fill out the form.

The purpose of this effort is to call on all private schools to work together to address the issue of BECE failure and ensure that such occurrences are prevented in the future. Mr. Ackon James has emphasized the importance of this effort and has urged private schools to join in the cause.

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Inquiries & Form

For those who may have further inquiries or need more information, the Executive Director of N-COPST, Mr. Ackon James, can be contacted at 0540560643. You can also visit HERE TO FILL THE FORM

It is imperative that the private schools take action and work together to ensure that their students receive the results they deserve

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