Prez Akuffo Addo is the timidest and most fearful President ever- Prophet Kumchacha


The controversial issue of LGBTQ+ rights has been a hot topic of conversation in Ghana and President Akuffo Addo’s silence on the matter has not gone unnoticed.

Prophet Kumchacha has publicly expressed his thoughts on the matter and believes that the President is the most fearful person on this issue.

On the Onua Tv morning show(Onua Maakye), on Monday, 10th April 2023, Prophet Kumchacha voiced his opinion on the current situation, stating that the President’s inability to make a categorical stand on the issue of LGBTQ+ is a reflection of his lack of boldness.

He argued that the President, who claims not to condone sin, should be straightforward on relevant issues of such nature.

Furthermore, Kumchacha suggested that the President’s fear is rooted in his concern for international relations. Ghana is a country that values its relationships with foreign nations and organizations, and this may be a factor in the President’s inability to make a stand on controversial issues such as LGBTQ+ rights.

However, Kumchacha strongly believes that a leader should be able to stand firm on his or her principles and beliefs, regardless of external pressures. The President’s fear, in this case, is not a desirable trait for a leader of a nation.

Moreover, the prophet stated that the issue of LGBTQ+ rights is not a political one, but a moral one. He stressed that people should speak up against what is wrong, and that silence is not an option when it comes to morality.

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