“Pregnancy can wait, but your education cannot”- KOMENCO Gender Champion to female students

Students of Komenda College of Education.
Students of Komenda College of Education.

To address the challenges associated with student pregnancy and promote responsible relationships on campus, the Gender, Equality, and Social Inclusion (GESI) Committee of Komenda College of Education, in collaboration with the Hall Staff, organized an informative session for the final and third-year female students.

The event took place on Thursday, 6th July 2023 at the Robert Mensa Complex Hall.

During the session, Mr. Benjamin Henry Taylor, the GESI Focal Space person, expressed concern about the high rate of pregnancy issues not only in the college but also in schools across Ghana.

Mr. Benjamin Henry Taylor, the GESI Focal Space person

He revealed that the college management has decided to not allow pregnant students to stay in the dormitories. Instead, they are encouraged to rent apartments in nearby towns while still attending lectures and enjoying other college services.

This measure aims to hold both students and their partners accountable for their actions, as the college cannot assume responsibility for looking after a pregnant student.

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Madam Sabina Amos, the Gender Champion, emphasized that while they cannot prevent students from entering into relationships, it is crucial to do so responsibly and with a responsible partner.

Madam Sabina Amos, the Gender Champion

She stressed the importance of prioritizing education over pregnancy, stating, “Pregnancy can wait, but your education cannot.”

Madam Amos reassured the students that their intention is not to make life difficult for them but rather to guide and counsel them toward making informed decisions.

The program also addressed the issue of dress code for female students. Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah, the Dean of Students Affairs, emphasized that the college has a zero-tolerance policy towards indecent dressing and hairstyles.

Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah, the Dean of Students Affairs

She provided detailed explanations of the acceptable dress codes and hairstyles within the college premises.

Mr. Christian Darabor, the Illustrious Hall Warden, reminded the students about the importance of maintaining active health insurance coverage.

He emphasized that July is the peak season for malaria cases in the country and urged all students to ensure their health insurance cards are up to date to avoid any emergencies.

Mr. Christian Darabor, the Illustrious Hall Warden

Additionally, Mr. Darabor cautioned the female students against using unapproved electrical gadgets, as they contribute to high electricity bills for the college.

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He stressed the financial implications and encouraged students to be mindful of their energy consumption.

By providing this guidance, counseling, and enforcing appropriate measures, the GESI Committee of the college aims to ensure the well-being and future success of all female students.

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