“Pay us our allowances if it’s not canceled” – Trainees


In light of the recent allegation suggesting that the government has canceled the allowances for trainees, discontent among trainees has started to brew.

Many of them are questioning why the Ministry of Education found time to issue a statement to clarify the situation instead of addressing the more pressing concern of unpaid allowances.

The trainees argue that simply stating that the allowances have not been canceled holds no value for them. What they truly need is tangible evidence in the form of timely payments before the end of this month.

The minister of education assured them back in May that funds were released for the payment of their allowances, but thus far, there has been no sign of any disbursements.

Frustrated and disheartened, the trainees now call upon the Minister of Education to back up his words with concrete actions. Their demand is simple – pay them the allowances they are owed without further delay.

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It is important to note that the trainees have been enduring months of financial strain, as the government currently owes them six months’ worth of arrears.

Since the start of the 2022/2023 academic year, not a single trainee has received their allowance, exacerbating the financial hardship they face.

The trainees’ plea echoes throughout the nation, urging the government to take immediate steps towards resolving this issue and honor their commitment to the trainees.

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