Pastor Leaves Ministry After Winning 100 Million in Sports Betting


David Ochieng, a once-devoted Ugandan pastor, has recently gained notoriety after shutting down his church and abandoning his ministerial work. The reason behind this sudden move has shocked his congregation, leaving them confused and disillusioned.

Reports have confirmed that Ochieng hit the jackpot in a sports betting event, winning a staggering UGX100 million (which is roughly equivalent to GH₵561,002.00 in Ghanaian cedis). This windfall has dramatically altered his life, and he has decided to abandon his religious career to pursue other interests.

Many of his former congregants have expressed shock at the sudden turn of events, and have expressed sadness that their spiritual leader has turned his back on them. Some of them had even been preparing to attend midweek service when they were left stranded outside the locked church building.

When contacted by journalists, Ochieng confessed that he had only joined the ministry as a means of earning income to survive. He did not feel that he was genuinely called to the spiritual life, and had always struggled to make ends meet with the meager contributions of his poor congregation.

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However, his recent sports betting success has changed everything. Ochieng considers his winnings to be a blessing from God, and he believes that this was a swift way of lifting himself out of poverty. With this new wealth, he plans to pursue other interests that he had never been able to achieve before.

Although his congregation has been left in confusion, Ochieng is unapologetic about his decision. He believes that he has done what was best for himself and his family. He has also expressed the belief that his former congregants will be able to find a new spiritual leader who is more suited to their needs.

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