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Past Questions for Colleges of Education Level 100 Students


Past questions are helpful tools for preparing for examinations as they provide you with practical insight into how the examination body sets its exams, how the exam you are preparing for might look as well as key themes or subject areas likely to be touched.

Below is theory past questions for level 100 students in colleges of Education affiliated with the University of Education (UEW), Winneba.

Try your hands on them and let them guide you as you prepare to write your end-of-semester exams.

Introduction to Integrated Science 1 (April 2022 Theory)

  1. a. State three (3) importance of giving first aid to an injured person.
    b. List any three (3) artefacts that can be included in the teaching portfolio.
    c. State the SI Unit and the Derived Unit for each one of the following quantities.
    i. Force
    ii. Pressure
    iii. Acceleration
    iv. Work
  2. a. What does the abbreviation ABC in giving CPR mean in first aid?
    b. What is a portfolio?
    c. The new basic school science curriculum (2018) is structured into five strands. State the five strands?
    .. Normal human body temperature is 37°C. What is this temperature in the kelvin scale?
  3. a. State three (3) properties of liquids.
    b. Tabulate three (3) differences between Science and Technology
    c. State four (4) characteristics of Visual learners’ style.
  4. a. Briefly outline four (4) effects of force
    b. Classify the following five forces into contact and non-contact force
    i. Friction
    ii. Tension
    iii. Electrostatic
    iv. Viscosity
    v. Centripetal
    c. Explain three (3) contributions of science and technology to the development of the health sector in Ghana.

Foundations of Education in Ghana (April 2022 Theory)

  1. A lawyer friend strongly argues with you that teaching is not a profession. Mention and explain any four (4) reasons why teaching is a profession.
  2. Mention and explain the four (4) pillars of the 4-year B.Ed. National Teaching Education Curriculum Framework.
  3. With Practical examples, mention and explain four (4) ways in which a school and community can relate effectively.
  4. Mention and Explain any four(4) possible barriers that make it difficult to use in Basic Schools in Ghana.

African Studies (April 2022 Theory)

  1. The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade set Africa more than a century backward. Explain five (5) reasons to substantiate this assertion.
  2. Discuss five (5) relevance of African Traditional Religion to African Society.
  3. Explain five (5) cultural dimensions of development.
  4. a. Define Chieftaincy.

b. With practical examples, discuss four (4) roles of chiefs towards Ghana’s development.

Introduction to Language and Literacy (April 2022 Theory)

  1. a. Who is a literacy teacher?
    b. Give four (4) qualities that a good literacy teacher must possess.
    c. Discuss two (2) ways through which a person can become an effective literacy teacher.
  2. a. Explain the term language.
    b. Discuss the two (2) major criteria used in distinguishing language from a dialect.
    c. State and explain two (2) features or characteristics of language
  3. a. Identify the four (4) determinants of L1 Acquisition.
    b. Briefly explain how any two (2) of the determinants identified in 3(a) help with L1 acquisition.
  4. Examine two (2) implications of each of the three (3) theories of first language(L1) acquisition
  5. Discuss with examples four (4) reasons which account for the differences in the exact number of languages spoken in Ghana.

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