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Past Questions For CoE Level 200 students, UEW Affiliates


A Past Paper is an examination paper from a previous year or previous years that is usually used for examination practice.

They are papers that must be found valuable in test preparation as it helps assess students’ brilliance and capabilities.

Previous year’s questions also help students to have an idea about the main examination and how adequately they must prepare for it.

Here are some past questions for level 200 students affiliated to the University of Education, Winneba who are preparing to take their end-of-second semester examinations.

Literacy (Teaching Reading and Writing)

Policy Document and Syllabus Analysis in PE/Music

Liberal Studies

African Studies

Psychology of Learning in Middle Childhood

Integrated Science 11 for Upper Primary

Theories in the learning of Numeracy

Learning, Teaching, and Applying Euclidean Geometry and Trigonometry

Teaching and Assessing Mathematics

Introduction to English literature


Confirmed: End of Semester Examination TimeTable For CoE Level 300 Students.

Confirmed: End of Semester Examination TimeTable For CoE Level 200 Students.

Increase Trainees’ Allowances if that is not what is preventing you from admitting More Applicants – Government told.

SLTF Makes Disbursements To Teacher Trainees

Abolish the Payment of Teacher Trainees’ Allowances- Africa Education Watch to the Government.

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1 year ago

Please can I get past questions under the following courses,?
Introduction to English
, Listen and speaking
Foundation of drawings

Rita Akpabli
Rita Akpabli
11 months ago

Please l need the past question of theories of learning mathematics for level 200 first semester of the previous year

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