Why do Christians Worship On Sundays and Not On Saturdays?

Sabbath was then a law for the people of God to observe. Jesus came and told us He was the Sabbath and the rest that the old was talking about. Everything written in the old was a shadow of the Reality which was Jesus.

The National Cathedral, A Misplaced Priority or a Blessing?

Questions, opinions and grievances surrounding the building of the National Cathedral are compounding each day, as many are of the view that it is a misplaced priority. Some are also opining otherwise. The question still holds, “is the National cathedral a misplaced priority or a Blessing?” Kindly read to the end.

Abort that ‘Baby’ – Lesson 2

Yesterday we looked at one of the babies that we must abort in our lives as people of God if only we want to experience the full manifestation of the power of God in our territories. And that stubborn 'Baby' was WORRY.

Abort That ‘Baby’ – Lesson 1

I have discovered many of us are impregnated with some babies and if we should give birth to them, they will cause great havoc to us and the body of Christ as a whole. It will separate us from God.

Going through the Fire And Water Are Part of His Plans -Lesson 3

The truth of the matter is, that Paul never woke up and said that. Apostle Paul passed through a lot of challenging moments and afflictions. And this made him bold to make such a declaration. Look at what He said before making such a statement;

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Ten Essential Life Lessons to Embrace Before the Age of 30

Life is a journey that requires continuous learning and growth. As we navigate through different stages and phases, it is important to equip ourselves with the necessary skills to thrive in various situations.

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We are in a generation where many things are happening especially when it comes to the youths…

God is not done with you

Anyone with an assignment from God, won't be given up to the devil to be destroyed, until what He has for you is accomplished.

SET FREE FROM SIN -Lesson 5( Righteousness)

Majority of Christians today when asked if they are righteous, the answer they give is No. This is because, they justify themselves by the law which lead them to sin. Glory be to God the previous lessons have open our minds and have erased those mentality from us.

Set Free From Sin (Lesson 4)

Jesus Christ ended THE LAW. He brought an end to it so that man could have the right reputation with God. The secret is, that if Jesus wants to deal with sin once and for all, He doesn't have to attack sin.

Set Free From Sin (Lesson 3)

Now, sin entered our world when the law was instituted. The laws which God saw as a solution for humanity to be free from disobedience became a gateway to sin.
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