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Okyenhene Fights Kotokumanhene And Adoagyirihene Over Adoagyir Stool; Chief Appeals to Authorities to Intervene


A letter circulating on social media on the official stationery of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council seeking to install a rival chief of Adoagyir on Saturday 23rd February, 2023, has been sighted by publicly.

Due to this development, Akyem Kotoku Traditional Council and Chiefs of Adoagyir has risen up against an intended enstoolment of Odehyee Ntiamoah Karikari. The Adoagyir town has its own Chief, Okoanadwo  Afutu  Dompre ll who has been on the stool far the seventeen years. This step and actions by the Okyehene are to create factionalism and insecurity in the area.

There have been attempts by Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council to conquer and sell lands in Adoagyir and its environs which from time to time resulted in casualties infuriated the Chief of Adoagyir who took the matter to the Regional and National Houses of Chiefs. After deliberations, judgements from the courts came in favor of the Adoagyir hene.

The judgements have since infuriated the Okyehene,Amoatia Ofori Panin who has vowed to use governmental power to unleash hell and brimstones on Adoagyir hene and make the inhabitants of Adoagyir and its environs live in fear.

The Okyehene revised his tactics and with the support from the Presidency and connivance at some sections of the Adoagyir hene family seeking to install a rival chief.

Adoagyirhene is head of the Ankobea division of Kotoku kingdom and has since 1860 paid homage to the Kotokumanhene and installing a rival chief who would pay homage to Okyehene would make Adoagyir part of Akyem Abuakwa.

Mawerehene of Adoagyir,Etuosrebour Safo Kankam briefed the media about the history of Adoagyir. He further indicated their resolve to resist any incursion into Adoagyir lands and oppose any attempt to install a rival chief of Adoagyir.

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