Offinso College of Education Celebrates First Batch of B.Ed Program Graduates with Outstanding Achievements

[File]: Offinso College of Education Entrance
[File]: Offinso College of Education Entrance

Offinso College of Education proudly held its graduation ceremony for the inaugural batch of the B.Ed program on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

The occasion marked the 15th congregation and commissioning of projects by the college, with a total of 340 students successfully completing their studies.

Under the theme “Equipping the Young Teachers to Remain Relevant in the 21st Century Society,” the graduation ceremony aimed to celebrate and prepare these aspiring educators for our rapidly evolving educational landscape.


Among the graduates were 59 students who achieved first-class honors, 182 with second-class upper honors, 85 with second-class lower honors, and 14 with third-class honors. Notably, there were no students who graduated with a pass.

First Class Honors from other Colleges

To provide context and highlight the achievements of the Offinso College of Education, it is worth mentioning the first-class honors recipients from other colleges as well.

In the first batch of graduates from colleges of education in 2022, the count of first-class honors recipients is as follows:

  1. St. Francis College of Education- 32
  2. Accra College of Education- 19
  3. St. Joseph College of Education- 4
  4. E P College of Education Amedzofe- 7
  5. St Louis College of Education- 33
  6. Wiawso College of Education- 22
  7. Presbyterian College of Education- 52
  8. Ola College of Education- 52
  9. Bagabaga College of Education- 10
  10. Akatsi College of Education- 12
  11. Ada College of Education- 35
  12. Komenda College of Education-14
  13. kibi College of Education- 17
  14. St. Theresa’s College of Education- 10
  15. St. Monica College of Education- 16
  16. Agogo Presbyterian Women’s College of Education- 12
  17. Enchi College of Education- 11
  18. Dambi College of Education-5
  19. Foso College of Education-24
  20. N.J Ahmadiyya College of Education-2
  21. E.P College of Education, Bimbila- 16
  22. Temale College of Education- 2
  23. Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education-22
  24. Weslyn College of Education-29
  25. Tumu College of Education- 9
  26. Mampong Technical College of Education-15
  27. Offinso College of Education- 59
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So far, the notable number of first-class graduates from Offinso College of Education positions the institution as a beacon of high academic standards and as a place where future educators thrive.

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