NTC Serves Notice On Changes In Teacher Licensure Examination Results From Fail To Pass


The National Teaching Council (NTC) has issued an official statement denouncing a fraudulent public announcement that has been making rounds concerning changes in the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination results.

In the official statement released by the NTC, it was affirmed that no changes have been made to the examination results.

According to the NTC, the published results continue to hold their validity, and any pronouncement suggesting otherwise is deemed false, misleading, and should be considered fraudulent.

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Candidates who have taken the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination are strongly advised to rely solely on official NTC communication channels for obtaining legitimate information.

The NTC stressed on the need for candidates and the general public not to fall for these malicious individuals spreading false rumours or attempting to deceive them regarding the examination results.

To prevent any confusion or misinformation, candidates are strongly urged to verify any information they come across by referencing to only the official NTC communication channels.

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The NTC further assured the public and candidates that it remains committed to conducting the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination with utmost integrity and fairness.

They added that, any malicious attempts to manipulate or mislead candidates will be dealt with severely, in accordance with the law.

For any clarification or further inquiries, candidates are urged to contact the NTC directly through their designated communication channels.

Below is the Full Statement
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