NSS Releases PIN Codes for Trained Teachers


The Management of the Ghana National Service Scheme (GNSS) has today, December 20, 2022, released a total of TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX (28,976) PIN Codes for the enrolment of trained teachers from all accredited Colleges of Education in the country to enable them to undertake their mandatory one-year national service for the 2022/23 service year.

All prospective national service personnel are hereby requested to access their PIN Codes from today, December 20, 2022, with their respective Index Numbers and Date of Birth on the Scheme’s website HERE, and then proceed to any Agric Development Bank (ADB) Ltd. branch nationwide to make a payment of GHC 40.00.

Alternatively, prospective service personnel can pay with MTN Momo. For those who would activate their PIN Codes using MTN Mobile Money, a payment of GHC 41.00 is required.

The Management directs all prospective National Service Personnel to begin registration today, December 20, 2022, and end it on February 28, 2023

How To Activate Your Pincode Before Online Registration Using MOMO

  1. Dail *170#
  2. Choose option 2( MoMoPay and Pay Bill)
  3. Choose option 2 for Pay Bill
  4. Choose option 5 for General Payment
  5. Enter payment code as NSS PINCODE (, type NSS, put a space, then add your PINCODE.
    For instance, if your Pincode is XJRTYE252751.
    Type NSS XJRTYE252751
  6. Enter your payment amount which is GHS41
  7. Enter NSS as a reference
  8. Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm payment
  9. You will get a confirmation message from both MTN and NSS GHANA.

How To Check Your Pincode

  1. Retrieve your NSS PINCODES by simply opening the link HERE.

2. Enter your SCHOOL INDEX NUMBER & Date of Birth. Example of School index number: MSE/0045/19 or whatever your student ID number is.

Make sure you enter the correct date of birth as well.

  1. After that, Click on SEARCH.
  2. After clicking on SEARCH button, you will see the PINCODE, YOUR NAME, PROGRAM OF STUDY & NAME OF COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY.
  3. The PINCODE is always Alphanumeric.
    Example of the NSS pincodes is LQYGDM3791520
  4. When the PINCODE is displayed on your screen, you have to activate it before you can use it to start the Registration.

How To Access Your Nss Personal Dashboard

After successfully submitting and completing your NSS online registration, your NSS NUMBER is automatically created for you, and your NSS PERSONAL DASHBOARD is also automatically created for you where you can access NSS information with regards to ANNUAL EVALUATION FORM and other NSS and personal information about yourself.

Steps To Access Your Nss Personal Dashboard

  1. Enter the NSS website HERE
  2. You will see the name and password.
    Your user name is the active E-mail address you used during your NSS online registration.
    Your password is your Pincode you used for your NSS online registration.
  3. After keying in all the required details, your NSS personal dashboard will open, and then you can access it. You can change the password to any password of your choice but the user name remains the active E-mail address you used during your NSS online registration.
    You can then access your NSS personal dashboard anytime you wish.

N.B: If you don’t change the password, the Pincode will continue to be your password when logging in to your NSS personal dashboard.

You can use your phone number as a password so that you can remember and log into your dashboard anytime

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