NSS Personnel in Central Region from Colleges of Education Face Serious Payment Challenges

They are demanding that their allowances and arrears be paid promptly, as they feel they are being taken for granted.

Since February 9th, 2023, NSS personnel from colleges of education executing their mandate in the central region have been facing serious challenges regarding the payment of their monthly allowances.

One of the major issues faced by these personnel is the irregularity in their allowance payment.

While personnel in other regions receive their allowances on time, NSS Personnel in the Central Region from Colleges of Education are left without any payment, creating a sense of disappointment and discouragement.

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Despite these setbacks, these personnel in question continue to diligently carry out their duties, driven by their commitment to serve the nation.

However, it is disheartening to know that some of them have only received 2 and 3 months’ worth of their allowances since they started their service.

The most recent and distressing incident for them is the non-payment of their August and September allowances.

While their counterparts from traditional universities have been paid in the same region, they have been left unpaid.

According to them, they have reached out to the various authorities, including the National NSS Executives, regional executives, and their respective district executives and directors in an attempt to address their concerns.

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Unfortunately, their efforts have been in vain, as no satisfactory resolution has been provided to them thus far.

They find themselves in a dire situation, especially considering that many of them are far away from their homes and rely heavily on their monthly allowances for survival, no matter how small the amount may be.

They argue that the NSS Executives have repeatedly cited “technical problems” as the reason for the delayed payments, often falsely asserting that the personnel failed to submit their evaluation forms on time, despite the personnel’s claims of completing their obligations promptly.

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As a result, the affected personnel are now demanding the immediate payment of their outstanding allowances and arrears.

They express their deep dissatisfaction with the treatment they have received, feeling as though their services and dedication to the NSS have been taken for granted.

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