NSS Dashboard: How to Update Your E-zwich Details

Failure to do so may have implications on the timely receipt of the NSS Monthly Allowance.
Failure to do so may have implications on the timely receipt of the NSS Monthly Allowance.

Following the conclusion of the regional verification, personnel must update their e-zwich details to ensure the smooth disbursement of their National Service Scheme (NSS) Monthly Allowance.

The process can be effortlessly completed by following the steps outlined below:

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  • Access the Dashboard: Personnel are required to visit the official NSS Dasboard at https://portal.nss.gov.gh/sign-in  and log in using their accurate credentials.
  • Provide Personal Information: Once logged in, a menu prompting for personal details such as trousers lengths, neck size, shirt size, etc., will be displayed. Personnel should meticulously input this information and select “save” to proceed.
  • Wait for Profile Update: Subsequently, personnel need to wait a while for the dashboard to refresh their profile and other relevant details.
  • Submit E-Zwich Details: Personnel are then to scroll down on the dashboard to locate the section requesting their e-zwich details. They should enter their correct information here to avoid any issues with their allowance disbursement. Errors in this section could potentially lead to payment delays or non-receipt of the allowance.
  • Check Submission Status: Upon successful completion of the process, personnel should see their status updated. If the update was processed correctly, the status will show as “Submitted,” indicating a successful submission of the e-zwich details.

Personnel must follow these steps diligently to ensure their e-zwich details are updated accurately.

Failure to do so may have implications on their timely receipt of the NSS Monthly Allowance.

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