No Full Payment No Accommodation – Teacher Trainees told


Colleges of Education present their tuition and fees together as an annual cost. The fee charged covers an academic year of college classes.

Each academic year is made up of two semesters, and each session is approximately 14 weeks long.

For the first semester students are allowed to pay at least 70% of their fees for the academic year and the remaining amount paid during the commencement of the second phase.

It has been revealed that majority of students failed to settle the70% as instructed. Some of these students had the money to make payment but spent it on sports betting and other outrageous lifestyles.

This has called for “a full payment or no accommodation policy” for defaulting students by the Principals of the Colleges of Education.

According to Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah, The Dean of Students’ Affairs for Komenda college of Education, investigations carried out have revealed that most students are owing the school over GH¢700,000. She added that, if strict measures are not put in place the situation can lead the school into a serious financial distress.

Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah has therefore urged parents and guardians to settle their wards fees as full academic work starts on Wednesday 27th July, 2022.

Meanwhile, school re-opened on Sunday 24th July for the Second year students to start the first phase of their second semester but majority are yet to report.

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