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New Prices for Passport Application

The surge in passport application fees has generated mixed reactions from the public
The surge in passport application fees has generated mixed reactions from the public

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has released new prices for passport application effective April 1, 2024.

The new charges, updated on the passport application website, reveal that an expedited application for 48 pages will now cost a hefty GH¢800, while the expedited application for 32 pages will set applicants back GH¢700.

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For those opting for the standard application, the 32-page passport will now cost GH¢500, while the 48-page passport will run them GH¢644.

  1. 32 Page Standard = GHȻ 500
  2. 32 Page Expedited =GHȻ 700
  3. 48 Page Standard = GHȻ 644
  4. 48 Page Expedited = GHȻ 800

While the news has come as a shock to many Ghanaians, the government stands by its decision, stating that the increase is necessary to address the country’s economic challenges and ensure the sustainability of passport services.

The surge in the passport application fees has also generated mixed reactions from the public.

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Some individuals argue that the steep increase will burden citizens already struggling with the high cost of living, while others believe that it is a reasonable adjustment given the economic situation.

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