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New Gh¢1 Coin to be in circulation effective 12th December 2022


Bank of Ghana has upgraded the Ghc1 coin with enhanced security features. The Bank will issue the upgraded Ghc1 coin into circulation from Monday, 12th December 2022.

The coin is similar to the existing Ghc1 coin in shape, form, and images; the Coat of Arms in front and the Scale of the Justice at the back.

The upgraded Ghc1 coin is b-metallic with outer gold and inner silver.

The coin has a pronounced rough edge and incorporates a latent image, which appears rectangular below the Scale of Justice at the bank.

The latent image changes from a radiating star to a One Ghana cedi symbol sandwiched between two stars when tilted.

The existing and the upgraded Ghc1 coin will co-circulate until the existing coin is gradually withdrawn.

The Bank encourages the public to accept the coins and use them.

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