National Teaching Council Sends Cautionary Message to 2023 GTLE Candidates


The National Teaching Council (NTC) has extended a timely cautionary message to the general public regarding the deceptive practices of individuals claiming to provide assistance in obtaining a passing score for the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE).

The NTC, as the statutory body responsible for the licensing and regulation of teachers in Ghana, firmly denounces such illicit activities that seek to exploit aspiring educators.

These unscrupulous individuals cunningly prey on the hopes and aspirations of prospective teachers by offering fabricated guarantees of examination success in exchange for monetary compensation.

In light of this grave concern, the NTC implores the public to immediately report any encounters with these deceitful individuals to the local authorities, specifically the Police.

By promptly reporting these criminals, NTC can collectively work towards curbing these nefarious activities and ensure a fair and transparent examination process for all participants.

It is crucial to emphasize that success in the GTLE can only be attained through diligent study, thorough preparation, and genuine dedication to the teaching profession.

The NTC strongly encourages all aspiring teachers to rely solely on their own efforts and the authorized study materials provided by the council.

These resources have been specifically designed to equip and empower candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the examination.

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Furthermore, the NTC remains committed to ensuring the integrity and credibility of the GTLE. Measures are continuously being implemented to prevent any unauthorized assistance or misconduct during the examination sessions.

Stringent protocols are in place to detect and address any form of malpractice, guaranteeing a level playing field for all participants.

The NTC remains steadfast in its mission to protect the interests of aspiring teachers and maintain the sanctity of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.

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