National Service Personnel Association Demands Payment of Outstanding Allowances


The National Service Personnel Association has raised a strong demand for the government to immediately settle the two months’ worth of unpaid allowances owed to personnel in public sectors.

The association’s Secretary, Nana Adu Gyamfi Mensah, made this announcement during an interview with Joynews on Friday, March 22, 2024.

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According to Mensah, the prolonged delay in disbursing these allowances has made life incredibly difficult for the national service personnel.

Addressing the issue of unpaid allowances, Mensah stated, “We initially had four unpaid allowances, but two months’ worth has now been settled. However, this situation is simply unacceptable. We are conveying a clear message to the scheme and the government that this must be rectified.”

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Mensah further emphasized that if this matter is not adequately addressed, the association may resort to going on strike.

He explained, “After our final meeting with the board and government in the upcoming days, we will announce our next course of action, which could involve calling for a strike and subsequently organizing a demonstration.”

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In light of these developments, Mensah has urged the association’s members to remain calm, assuring them that the leadership is actively working towards ensuring that the unpaid allowances are promptly paid.

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