National Food Suppliers Association Threatens Picketing Over Unpaid Arrears


The National Food Suppliers Association has issued a formal notice to the Ministry of Education, all Media Houses, and the General Public, expressing their intention to picket at the premises of the Ministry of Education if outstanding arrears owed to its members are not paid within the next fourteen days.

The decision to escalate to this level comes in response to the perceived lack of fairness and clarity in the distribution of funds to suppliers.

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Shockingly, suppliers of the National Food Buffer Stock Company have reportedly not received payments since February 2023, while a select few associated with the Ghana Commodity Exchange, under the direct oversight of the Ministry of Education, have been promptly compensated.

This glaring discrepancy in payment has raised suspicions amongst the National Food Suppliers Association, who believe that the Ministry of Education is deliberately and unconscionably attempting to obstruct the operational activities of the National Food Buffer Stock Company to the detriment of its suppliers.

The association in a release dated 26th March, 2024 stated;  “We no go sit down make them cheat us every day”

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The association has therefore called upon the Ministry of Education to address this matter urgently, ensuring the prompt payment of outstanding arrears owed to its members.

Failure to do so will result in the association proceeding with their planned picketing at the Ministry’s premises, aiming to draw attention to their grievances and demand immediate resolution.

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The association also urged all stakeholders, including the media and the general public, to support their cause and put pressure on the Ministry of Education to rectify the situation.

Read the full release below;
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