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MTN Ghana Suspends Data Zone Bundle in Compliance with SMP Directives


MTN Ghana, the leading telecom provider in the country, has officially announced the suspension of its popular Data Zone bundle.

The suspension took effect on April 5, 2023, and was due to a review of the bundle offer in line with the Significant Market Power (SMP) directives applied to MTN Ghana in June 2020. These directives require MTN Ghana to ensure that its offers are not the lowest priced in the industry.

In a statement released on April 12, the company expressed regret for limiting communication on the matter to service activation channels only. The statement also indicated that MTN Ghana is currently collaborating with the regulator to attain alignment on a revised Data Zone bundle that will be reinstated as soon as possible.

The Data Zone bundle, an innovation by MTN Ghana, offers customers a 1-day validity bundle at discounted rates at the point of purchase. Subscription is through the Short Code *135#.

While the suspension of the Data Zone bundle may cause inconvenience to customers, MTN Ghana reassured them that it would continue to roll out innovative and affordable products and services for their benefit.

Although the suspension of the Data Zone bundle came as a surprise to some customers, it is a necessary step for MTN Ghana to comply with SMP directives.

The revised Data Zone bundle, when reinstated, may offer even better value for customers while ensuring that MTN Ghana maintains a fair pricing strategy in the industry.

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