Miss Shama 2023: Date, Venue, Constestants, Voting Process & More

A Spectacular Evening that will Showcase Shama's Rich Heritage
A Spectacular Evening that will Showcase Shama's Rich Heritage

The annual Pageantry, Miss Shama, organized by the Shama Development Association as part of their Shama Home Coming activities, is set to captivate audiences on Sunday, 26th November, 2023, at 7 pm.

Taking place at the esteemed River Side Conference Center located within the heart of Shama, the event aims to promote, showcase and educate people near and far about the vibrant culture and history of Shama.

The event also offers an opportunity for both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the rich culture of the community.

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From traditional performances to thought-provoking discussions, attendees can expect an evening that captivates all senses

Eloquent and Culturally Rooted Contestants

Miss Shama 2023 promises an unforgettable evening, featuring twelve educated and culturally rooted ladies competing for the coveted title.

These dynamic delegates include;

  1. Mary

2. Ella

3. Dorcas

4. Blessing

5. Lawrencia

6. Lordina

7. Amyfynn

8. Josephine

9. Vera

10. Tsotso

11. Cindy

12. Patience

Each contestant embodies the essence of Shama’s heritage, showcasing their knowledge and eloquence.

Promoting Social Awareness and Cultural Education

Beyond their beauty, these delegates will take centre stage to educate the public on prevalent social vices within the community and explore ways to address and mitigate them.

Additionally, they will provide insights into Shama’s rich cultural heritage and share historical anecdotes, thus fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among the attendees.

Voting Process

Don’t miss the chance to support your favourite delegate by casting your vote.

To vote, simply dial the short code *713*008#, and follow these steps:

  1. Select 1 for “Miss Shama.”
  2. Choose your preferred contestant.
  3. Enter the number of votes you wish to cast.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the voting process.

Miss Shama 2023 aims to break the chains of past wrongdoings through the power of beauty, intelligence, and cultural pride.

The event invites everyone to join in and witness this transformative journey.

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Mark your calendars and make time to attend Miss Shama 2023, where the beauty of Shama’s culture will take centre stage.

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