Ministry of Health Prohibits Staff from Elevator Usage on Certain Days Due to Economic Challenges


The Ministry of Health has issued a warning to its staff about the usage of elevators in their facility.

Due to the current economic challenges, the Ministry has been forced to make cuts in their budget and consequently, some austerity measures have been put in place, with the directive that staff should not access the lift on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to the Ministry, this is because the government is currently undergoing debt restructuring and is trying to reduce its financial burden by limiting or cutting back on certain expenses.

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Therefore, maintenance of the elevators has become a huge cost in the Ministry’s budget, and they see it as necessary to reduce this cost, hence the ban on elevator usage.

Additionally, the Ministry has noted that the directive to refrain from using elevators on certain days is one of many measures they have put in place to address these economic challenges.

Staff members are encouraged to use the stairs as an alternative on those days that the elevators are prohibited.

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The Ministry’s directive to limit elevator usage is to be taken seriously by the Staff as it is a necessary measure to ensure the Ministry’s financial stability in these difficult times.

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