Ministry of Education Clarifies False Statement on Teachers’ and Nurses’ Training Allowances


Earlier, Coleman Publications reported on a statement allegedly made by the Minister of Education regarding the cancellation of allowances for teachers and nursing students.

The Ministry of Education has also issued an official press release to confirm and clarify that the statement circulating is false.

The press release, titled “Disclaimer: False Statement Regarding Cancellation of Teachers’ and Nurses’ Training Allowances,” categorically denies the claims attributed to Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, the Minister for Education.

According to the Ministry, there are no intentions to terminate these allowances, and the statement is unfounded.

Recognizing the significance of supporting and prioritizing the training of teachers, the government remains fully committed to providing necessary financial assistance in these areas.

The release emphasizes that the cancellation of the allowances is nothing but a baseless rumour.

The Ministry of Education encourages the public to rely on accurate and verified information from official sources like itself, government press releases, and trusted news outlets for updates on matters concerning education and healthcare.

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