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Meet Jephthah Nana Kwame, The Newly Elected TTAG President, His Policies & Appreciation Message

Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) National President, Jephthah Nana Kwame
Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) National President, Jephthah Nana Kwame

The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has elected Mr Jephthah Nana Kwame, Captain Jephthah as their new National President for the 2023/2024 TTAG year.

Mr Jephthah Nana Kwame was elected National President of the Association at the just-ended 27th National Delegates’ Congress held in Wiawso College of Education, in the Western North Region of Ghana on 11th January 2023.

Jephthah is a level 400 teacher trainee at the Bia College of Education. He has taken over the leadership mantle from his immediate predecessor, Mr Jonathan Dzunu.

His Policies

Captain Jephthah ahead of his campaign outlined eleven (11) areas(policies) he would focus on when voted into power. He termed it the “Trainees’ Ahotᴐ Policies”.  They are;

  • TTAG Welfare Scheme
  • TTAG Local Development Programme
  • Strong Media Mechanism
  • TTAG Membership Sensitization Programme
  • Examination Results Remedy
  • TTAG Secretariat
  • Sustenance and Increment of Allowance
  • Strong Stakeholders Engagement
  • Financial Security Programme
  • Infrastructural Advocacy

Appreciation Message

In a release dated Monday, February 13, 2023, Mr Japheth Nana Kwame expressed his profound gratitude to the Almighty for bringing him this far. He again thanked the Bia College Council, the Principal and Management, Delegates, and all the families and friends who tirelessly supported him. He concluded by calling on trainees to continuously rally behind him as he and his team will forever defend the welfare of trainees and the nation at large.

His release reads;  

“To fight the good fight is one of the bravest and noblest of life’s experiences. Not the bloodshed and the battle of a man with man, but with grappling of mental adversaries that undermines the inner the calibre of the fighter” Huge B. Brown.

Words would fail us in expressing our profound gratitude to the Almighty God for His abundant grace on our toils from day one to this far. The entire team of the STEP FORWARD MOVEMENT would like to thank everyone who played various roles in championing the cause for a step forward.

The College Council, BLACOE, the Principal and Management, BLACOE, all Ex Officers, all Delegates, all Stakeholders, friends and families, all Students of BLACOE and the Alumni Union of BLACOE. We acknowledge the reflections of the service you rendered towards the achievement of this vision especially when all odds never Favored us.

We wish to say that the decision made on CAPTAIN JEPHTHAH will forever be held in good fate to defend the cause of trainees and the nation at large.


Congratulations to us all!

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