Master Gagbo Prosper Elected St. Francis College of Education SRC President

Master Gagbo Prosper Elected St. Francis College of Education SRC President
Master Gagbo Prosper Elected St. Francis College of Education SRC President

Master Gagbo Prosper has been elected by the students of St. Francis College of Education, Hohoe, as their SRC President for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Election & Voter Turnout

Under the supervision of the Electoral Commission (EC) of the College, the election witnessed an impressive total of 1,229 votes cast.

Gagbo Prosper secured an impressive victory, garnering 635 votes, which accounts for 52% of the total votes.

Brief Background

Prosper hails from Jasikan in the Oti Region, and is widely known for his devotion to his faith.

He received his primary education at the Adekye Catholic School complex in Jasikan, before furthering his studies at St. Mary’s Seminary Senior High School in Lolobi.

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Currently, he is a prospective Level 300 student at St. Francis College of Education, Hohoe.

Master Gagbo Prosper is pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in Junior High School Education, focusing on Mathematics and ICT.

Promising Policies and Plans Outlined

Now entrusted with the responsibility of leading the SRC, Gagbo Prosper has unveiled a comprehensive and ambitious set of policies and plans to be implemented during his tenure.

These include:

  1. Completion of their SRC Pure Water Factory Project
  2. Implementation of Bed Bug Control System (BBC) to address the issue of bedbugs in the college
  3. Collaborate with management to construct a canteen for the college
  4. Renovation of washrooms across the campus
  5. Distribution of first aid kits to all halls through the “First Aid Drive” (FAD) initiative
  6. Provision of projectors for larger lecture halls
  7. Launching a skills training program known as the “Take Away Project” (TAP)
  8. Continuing the furniture initiative of the SRC
  9. Advocate for an improved lighting system on campus
  10. Collaborate with NGOs to facilitate the drilling of two mechanized boreholes
Mission Statement

Master Gagbo Prosper aims to be a beacon of positive influence, fostering inclusivity, teamwork, and a supportive learning environment for all trainees within the college.

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He pledges to inspire his fellow students to excel academically, grow personally, and embrace social responsibility.

Vice President: Dzaka Gertrude

Assisting Gagbo Prosper in his quest for effective leadership, Dzaka Gertrude will serve as his Vice President.

Together, they aim to bring about positive change and ensure a fruitful academic year for all students at St. Francis College of Education, Hohoe.

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