Level 300 Students In The College of Education Celebrate Their 3rd Anniversary


Happy 3rd anniversary to all level 300 teacher trainees across the country, as today marks exactly 3 years of being admitted.

On the 7th of October 2019, the current level 300 teacher trainees in all 46 public college education in Ghana as the second batch of the B.Ed program in college started this pilgrimage.

According to some level 300 students in the colleges of education who spoke with Coleman Publications, they pray for Grace to finish the race.

Master Magnus Edward Awortwe, the SRC President for Komenda College of Education asserted that; They are grateful to the Lord for bringing them this far for many could not make it to this level.

He thanked all stakeholders for their efforts put in so far.

According to him, the compensation (allowance) policy is also helpful.

Clarifying that, they have just received two months’ allowance arrears and hope to receive the remaining 3months arrears soon.

He believes this makes the day more memorable for all the third-year students across the colleges of education

He urged his colleagues to push harder to accomplish the goal of the B.Ed program race with success.

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