Latest Update on Teacher Trainees Allowances


Teacher trainees across the 46 public colleges of education in the country were in expectation of receiving their allowances last week. However, it never ensued.

Due to that many concluded the information that SLTF has received money from the government for disbursement was false.

Information gathered by Coleman Publications indicates, SLTF has received the said money from the government and just waiting for updated student lists from the various colleges to make the disbursements.

Given that, SLTF has ordered all the allowances liaison officers in the various colleges to provide up-to-date lists of their students, especially those in the first year.

Such officers were given 30th September 2022, 12 pm as the deadline for the submission of the lists.

SLTF don’t want to repeat the instance where some batches will be paid and other wouldn’t.

Trainees are admonished to exercise little forbearance as disbursement will be made soon.

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