Latest About the 2022/2023 Colleges of Education Admissions


It is crucial to note as an applicant for 2022/2023 Colleges of Education entry that Colleges are now restricted by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission(GTEC) as to the number of applicants to enroll for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Total Permissable Admission for Colleges of Education

Despite the huge number of applicants for the year, Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) cannot go contrary to the figures as instructed by GTEC.

Only three (3) colleges are permitted to admit 300 students while the majority are around 290 and 185 students.

This has rendered a lot of applicants hopeless and helpless as they could not make it to the first lists released by the colleges.

With some having better grades, yet not admitted. Here are some reasons;

“I am with good grades but I couldn’t gain admission”

Due to the quota system, the selection process is very competitive, as students with the best grades are offered admission.

From our checks, a lot applied with ‘single aggregates’.

You might think of having good results which truly should have merited your admission to your school of choice. But the “sad truth” is there are people who have applied to the programme you selected with lower and better grades than yours.

Our checks again reveal some of the 2022/2023 applicants thought selecting Early Childhood and Primary Education programmes will help them secure admission easily. This rather turned to make the two programmes competitive as a lot of students applied, leaving the JHS Programmes such as Agriculture Science, Technical, Mathematics, etc. to few applicants.

This is the reason in some colleges you might see someone with a grade of 20 gaining admission to read a JHS Programme, but someone who applied to early grade or primary education with a grade of 15 is not offered admissions- choice of programmes.

Will there be a second batch list from the colleges?

There may not be a second list from many of the colleges because of the strict quota system this academic year.

Those who will release a second list too will release for a few applicants due to the allotment by GTEC.

We will urge you to check the number of applicants the colleges you applied to are directed to admit for the year and cross-check the number remaining to be released.


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Abugri Joseph
Abugri Joseph
1 year ago

Please when will the second list be out

Tongwia Sumani
Tongwia Sumani
1 year ago

Why is it that the waiting list has not been released? Some candidates applied for awaited and have not been offered admission. It would be very unfair if the opportunity is not given to such students. They shouldn’t have allowed them to apply in the first place knowing that they would not be allowed to compete with their counterparts who applied with results. It disgusts me. I’m disappointed at the system of selection this year. Something urgent needs to be done to help these helpless young ones who are been robbed of their lifetime opportunity.