Komenda College Organizes A-3 day Revival Programme For Trainees


What is life without Christ? What is success without God? And how can one become profitable without knowing God? Life without Christ is indeed full of pain, struggle and crisis.

Jesus Christ rightly stated:

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.- Matthew 6:33

With this, The Chaplaincy Board of Komenda College of Education organized A-3day Revival from 13th-15th January, 2022 for the freshers and continuing Level 300 Students.

The programme which saw many lives given and surrendered to Jesus Christ was fully of Praise, Word, Worship, Prayer, Power, Deliverance and the Miraculous as God’s Servant-Reverend Wilson Kortey Kotei ministered on the theme “Let my People Go!”

Reverend Wilson Kortey Kotei

During His Ministrations, Reverend Wilson Kortey Kotei made it known to the congregation that, it’s not only witches and wizards that keeps God’s people in bondages, but the desire of men leads them into bondages and yokes which makes them stranded forever!

He caution the congregation to be very careful with “food” as because of “food” many sold themselves short to the devil.

He admonished the learners not to sacrifice their beautiful, bountiful and wonderful futures for temporary pleasures of the flesh.

Using his personal life experiences, he urged the learners not to worry about how bad things are today in their lives, but they should only trust in God because He has a wonderful futures in stock for them.

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