Komenda College Of Education Holds Two-Days Intensive Sensitization Workshop On Educational Policies For Teachers In The Shama District


The Training and Development Unit of Komenda College of Education Held a two-day sensitization workshop on Continuous Teacher Professional Development(CPD) for Basic School Teachers, Senior High school Teachers and GES Staff In the Shama District Education Directorate on 14th and 15th December, 2021.


Some of the Dignitaries that were present to ensure the success and smooth flow of the programme include, The Acting Vice Principal of komenda College of Education -Mr. Theophlius Kweku Bassaw, The District Director of Education for the Shama District-Mrs Amoakwah Quansah, Deputy supervisor for Shama District-Mr. Yomoh Tetteh and many more..

In His statement of purpose for gathering and welcome address, The Acting Vice Principal-Mr. Theophlius Kweku Bassaw emphasized on the need for the workshop and how it is going to benefit the participants today and in the years ahead of them. In his conclusion, he quoted Ivan Welton Fitzwater which reads: “the future of the world is in my classroom today, a future with the potential for good or bad… Several future presidents are learning from me today ; so are the great writers of the next decades, and so are all the so-called ordinary people who will make the decisions in a democracy”..

Mr. Theophlius Kweku Bassaw

Mrs. Efua Amoakwah Quansah In her address during the opening Ceremony applauded the participants for attending the workshop in their numbers to learn new things which will help enhance their classrooms deliveries. Teachers are not to rest, because the moment they rest, they will rust; And the development of every nation depends on its Education(which are Teachers) . Therefore it’s very “dangerous if a teacher should rust” because the future of the children through his/her hands will become a doom to the nation.. Hence the need for teachers to stay updated and upgraded all day, she added.

Mrs. Efua Amoakwah Quansah

She also urged them to secure their jobs as teachers and that’s only possible through these NTC mandated workshops as it will help them accumulate points for their promotions and license renewals.

The facilitators for the event were Mr. Daniel Kofi Nkum, Mr. Joseph Amonoo Sekyi, Mr. Godwin Attobra and Mr. Benjamin Henry Taylor.

Mr. Kizito

Topics discussed and taught by these facilitators were;

Mr. Joseph Amonoo Sekyi
  1. CPD Framework and Point Building System
Mr. Benjamin Henry Taylor

2.Teacher Licensing and the use of the Teachers Portal

Mr. Godwin Attobra
  1. The National Teacher Standard and Compliance
  2. The Ghana Teacher Prize
  3. Educational Regulatory Bodies Act 2020, ct 1023
Mr. Daniel Kofi Nkum

This sensitization workshop saw over 800 participants in attendance all from the Shama District. Participants were given workshop materials, snacks and lunch.

Those having challenges accessing their portals as well as those who haven’t registered on the teachers portal were assisted and sorted out for free…

Assessment was conducted at the end of the Programme as participants were given 25 multiple choice items to answer.

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