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KOMENCO SRC Eminence Awards, Nominees, Voting Process, Closing date for voting, and Prizes in Stock


Appreciation and recognition are powerful motivators that lead to an increase in performance, productivity, morale, and overall satisfaction.

And An Award makes people feel acknowledged and that their work(effort) esteemed

It also shows approval and gratitude for each person’s good job and makes people aware that good work will be rewarded.

Given this, the Students’ Representative Council and the entertainment committee of Komenda College of Education have taken into deliberation the necessity and are set to hold its maiden edition of the KOMENCO SRC Eminence Awards. This forms part of the activities outlined for their SRC Week celebration which starts on the 21st to the 27thof November.

The Award scheme seeks to identify, honor and celebrate a cross-section of influential and accomplished students who are ‘helping’ the college and colleagues with the ‘little’ blessings and skills they have.


Nominations were opened to the general student body and after rigorous scrutiny, below are the nominees who made it through to the Maiden Edition of the KOMENCO SRC Eminence Awards.

Voting Process

Voting commenced on Monday, 17th October 2022 with each vote cast costing only 0.50pesewas.

  1. Dial *800*714# or *447*714# across all network
  2. Select Vote
  3. Enter the Nominee Code( E.g UV1)
  4. Enter the Number of Votes you want to cast( E.g 50)
  5. Confirm Amount Details
  6. Enter your momo pin to make the payment

Closing Date

Voting will Officially End on Thursday, 24th NOVEMBER 2022 at exactly 11:59 pm.


According to the organizers, The Winner in each category will get;

  1. A Customized Award plaque
  2. A customized Medal
  3. Award Certificate

However, one must accumulate over 600 votes which is equivalent to 300gh before he/she can get the above-Listed Prizes.

Again, in instances where two individuals accumulate more than 600 votes in a category, they will both receive a prize.

Most Fashionable Student
Nominee A – 600votes
Nominee B – 650votes

Nominee B is the highest voter from the Most Fashionable student category , So Nominee B is the winner.

However, since Nominee A reaches the voting standard of 600votes but is not the highest voter of the category, he/she gets

  1. A certificate
  2. A customized Medal
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