Kejetia Market Engulfed in Flames


In a shocking development, the Kejetia market in Kumasi, Ghana has been engulfed in flames. Reports received on March 15th, 2023 suggest that the fire started on the second floor and quickly spread to other parts of the market.

As firefighters from the Ghana National Fire Service rushed to the scene, artisans on the upper floors were seen frantically trying to escape by climbing down ropes to the ground floor. The fire officers are currently battling the raging inferno, but it is still consuming properties.

Kejetia market is known for its bustling activity and affordable goods and services, making it a hub of commerce in the Ashanti Region. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but investigations are expected to begin as soon as the situation is under control.

Watch the video below;

[Disclaimer: We do not own the right to this video.]
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