Update on the Payment of the Teacher Trainee’s Allowance


The Management of the Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) has issued an important directive to all the allowance liaison officers in the various colleges of Education.

In this directive, the SLTF requests that all the liaison officers submit the final list of all undergraduate students, ranging from level 100 to 400 in their respective colleges. The purpose of this requirement is to facilitate the timely disbursement of student allowances.

As per the communication, SLTF has asked the liaison officers to submit the final list of all qualified students within this week for the disbursement of student allowances.

It means that trainees can expect their allowances to be disbursed within this month, provided that all requirements are met and provided.

The SLTF has also urged continuing Students having challenges in receiving their allowances to see their liaison officers as soon as possible.

In such cases, the students are advised to approach their respective liaison officers for the necessary corrections and further submission. This proactive approach ensures that no student misses out on their allowance due to any administrative issues.

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