Just In: Update Concerning The Teacher Trainees’ Allowances


The Students Loan Trust Fund, SLTF has made two(2) months’ disbursements of the trainee’s allowances to all trainees in the colleges of education in the country.

This disbursement was made for all the levels( From level 100s to 400s).

However, some students did not receive some because their data with SLTF are either incomplete or doesn’t match.

Such students are admonished to see their allowance liaison officer in their college for the necessary corrections.

These officers will in turn submit the correct compiled data to SLTF for payment.

Your monies are not lost as the majority are thinking and asking. Once the necessary corrections are effected, you shall receive your monies in bulk.

The disbursement made this time round never came with an SMS due to some technical challenge SLTF faced with their System.

Students are however urged to visit the bank, load their cards and withdraw their cash.

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