Just In: New Association Birth from CETAG due to Misunderstanding


Officially, the College of Education Teachers Association of Ghana, CETAG has not suspended its strike action because there is no official release by the association stating when the strike should be suspended and when the two weeks as appealed by the Ministry of Education should commence.

After their voting on Wednesday, 14th December 2022, and with a difference of one vote suggesting the suspension of the strike, it is still not clear to the Members as the leadership of CETAG has not issued any missive to directing them as to what to do.

Again, the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) between the association and the Ministry of Education is yet to be signed.

Moreover, the leadership of the association, CETAG is yet to respond to questions from their grassroots members.

According to a credible Source, these are causing a lot of unrest within the association as some members have already disassociated themselves to form a new association with the name “Colleges of Education Lecturers Association of Ghana,(CELAG).

With a reason that the Leadership of CETAG has disappointed them and hence the need to form a new association that will seek and place their welfare foremost.

Per a Vote difference of One, CETAG Suspends Strike for Two weeks

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latest updates on the Colleges Of Education Teachers Association of Ghana, CETAG Strike

According to our source, members are poised to even start paying dues to kick start the association as others have been charged to get the conditions of service of UTAG and other necessary documents to make the association formidable.

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