Introduce National Quizzes for Arts and Business Programmes to Complement the NSMQ Competition – Professor Asonaba Addison tells Stakeholders


Professor Asonaba Kofi Addison has called on stakeholders to consider instantaneous steps to introduce National quizzes for Arts and Business programmes offered at Senior High Schools to complement the National Science and Maths Quiz competition.

The Professor made this statement on the occasion of the 58th Speech And Prize Giving Day of Breman Asikuma Secondary School on Saturday, 26th November 2022 in the Central Region.

Elucidating, Professor Asonaba asserted many parents and students of General Arts and Business feel their programmes are deemed inferior due to the lack of such competitions for them at the National Level.

Professor Addison added the introduction of the National Arts and Business Quizzes Competition will help circumvent the tendency of parents and students reading such programmes to have such thoughts.

“introduction of such contests will help to avoid the tendency of making parents and students of General Arts and Business feel their programmes are deemed inferior”, he noted.

As the Guest Speaker for the Occasion themed “BASS at 58: Prospects, Challenges, and The Way Forward”, Prof. Asonaba Kofi Addison believes there are a lot of talents that would be unearthed from students offering these programmes when given such platforms.

“students offering these programmes will showcase their talents and gifts as obtained in the General Science programmes when they get such platforms. Let’s help them”, he expressed.

Odeefour Amoakwa Buadu VIII

The occasion was also graced by the Omahene of Breman Traditional area and President of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, Odeefour Amoakwa Buadu VIII.

Odeefour advised the students to take their studies seriously and eschew indiscipline.

Omahene of Breman Traditional area and President of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, Odeefour Amoakwa Buadu VIII.

He also assured the school that he would do all he can to ensure that the authorities provide the school with a new bus.

The Omahene also pledged the support of the traditional council to the school’s administration and donated an undisclosed amount to help offset the speech day’s bill.

The Headmistress – Ms. Sarah Baah Odoom

The Headmistress for the School, Ms. Sarah Baah Odoom requested old students and the general public to help complete fence walls for the school. She believes when done will help improve the security of the students.

Ms. Odoom also called on the government, old students, and benevolent individuals to come to their aid as the school needs a bigger space for staff to work.

She also requested support for the National Science and Maths Quiz squad of the school.

Head Prefect – Master Michael Esaah

The Head Prefect, Master Michael Esaah also appealed for overhead tanks to improve the water supply to their boys’ dormitories.

He passionately appealed for the construction of additional boys’ dormitories to help ease the congestion there.

  1. Overall Best (Academic)
    Amanda Korantemaa Addo-2S2
  2. Overall Well – behaved Girl
    Emmanuella Muna Dzima
    H.2- 2S3
  3. Overall Well – behaved Boy
    Nana Kodwo Prah Yawson
    H.1 – 2S1
The Chairman’s Remarks

The occasion was chaired by the Secretary of the Agricultural Development Bank(ADB), Lawyer Godwyll Ansah

Lawyer Godwyll Ansah( Secretary, ADB)

In his remarks, He stated that these ceremonies are held for at least three reasons, and these include;

  1. To celebrate the successes and achievements in all their forms as publicly as possible.
  2. To celebrate a student’s pursuit of education in a beautiful moment, and a great way to recognize and encourage diligence, discipline, and excellence.
  3. To recognize and celebrate deserving teachers whose hard work, dedication and sacrifices make it possible for effective learning to happen.

Lawyer Godwyll Ansah lauded the awardees and admonished them to remain consistent and never allow themselves to be distracted.

‘”I say congratulations and well done. However, remember that whatever you receive today will count for nothing if you do not remain consistent and allow yourself to be distracted. Remain focused..” he expressed.

He also admonished students and teachers that did not receive anything not to see themselves as failures, adding it should rather motivate them to work harder.

Very Reverend Ainooson

The 58th Speech and Price Giving Day Ceremony was extremely outstanding as the gathering was also addressed by Very Reverend Ainooson, the General Manager of the Methodist Education Unit.

The National President

The National President of the Old Students Association, Mr. Joseph Foster Gordon was also ‘not silent on the day. He gave his input on behalf of the old students and assured the headmistress ‘the Association will avail themselves anytime called upon’.

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Inauguration and launch of the Upper Primary Education students’ Association of Komenda College of Education.

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