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Inclusive School Based-Enquiry Past Question (Theory) for CoE Level 100 Students


Inquiry-based learning is a learning process that engages you to make real connections through exploration and high-level questioning. It is an approach to learning that encourages you to engage in problem-solving and experiential learning.

Here is the recent theory past question of the course written by the first-year students. Take your time to read through and solve them to get yourself abreast with how the questions are set.

General Instructions

  • This paper is made up of four essay-type questions
  • Answer Two questions in your answer booklet
  • Each question carries equal marks. You are expected to start each question from a new page
  • You are expected to handover your answer booklet to the invigilator before you leave the examination Hall

The Questions

  1. You have identified some learners with communication disorders in your classroom whose problems seem to impede their learning. Examine any five (5) strategies that you can use to manage their problem. (10 Marks)

2. Explain with appropriate examples, the following tools used in collecting data on learners’ learning:


Rating Scale (2marks)

Portfolio Assessment(2marks)

Work Sample Analysis(2marks)


3. a. What is assistive technology in the context of teaching learners with special needs? (2marks)

b. As a student teacher, you have observed some of the benefits of assistive technology in the classroom. Explain four (4) of these benefits to your sibling in Senior High School who has a disability. (8marks)

4. During your Supported Teaching in School (STS) observation, you identified and gave individual attention to a learner with learning needs. Discuss five (5) importance of giving individual attention to the learner.

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