Important Notice From GES Regarding the Basic Schools Academic Calendar


The Ghana Education Service (G.E.S.) has announced changes to the current academic calendar, which was disrupted due to Covid-19.

The G.E.S. has decided to revert to the old and normal academic calendar and has made adjustments accordingly. Parents and guardians are advised to take note of the following changes:

There is a reversion to the old academic calendar with four terms from January to December 2023.

There will be three full terms this year and one term of the next academic year, all within this year.

Term 1: January to March 2023. Term 2: April to June 2023. Term 3: July to September 2023. Term 1 for the 2024 academic year will be from October to December 2023.

Students will be promoted to the next class in October 2023.

Parents will need to buy books for their wards in October 2023 instead of January 2024.

The books bought in October 2023 will be used until the end of the 2023/2024 academic year, which will be in August 2024.

Short vacation days, less than two weeks, will be observed within this academic year.

Parents are advised to plan and prepare adequately for the next 6 to 7 months, as these changes will reach their peak.

This decision solely comes from the G.E.S. and not the school.

Despite the potential discomfort these changes may bring, it is hoped that they will relieve parents in January 2024, as they will not have to buy new books for their wards right after the Christmas festivities.

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