If Not For Anything, Make Me Proud- The Queen Mother of Nyankrom instructs her Youth


The Queen Mother of Nyankrom(a suburb in the Western Region), Nana Akosua Gyamfiaba ll has urged her youth to stay away from lifestyles and activities that will ruin their future.

She made this call at a Mentorship Talk and Health Summit programme the community held in collaboration with Let Everyone smile Foundation(LESF) on Saturday, 24th December 2022 as part of their Annual Nyankrom Bronya Celebrations.

As the chairperson for the programme, Nana Akosua Gyamfiaba ll asserted her vision and passion is for the youth in the community to see the limelight of greatness. Adding that, if they succeed, the community has succeeded.

The Queen Mother of Nyankrom, Nana Akosua Gyamfiaba ll

She, therefore admonished the participants to keep their heads up and work towards achieving greatness.

“if not for anything, make me proud. Refrain from lifestyles that will destroy your bright future. If you have any challenges, come closer and share them with me. My doors are open to all. You are all precious to me. Let’s make Nyankrom proud” Nana Akosua Gyamfiaba ll posited.

Speakers For The Programme

The speakers for the Programme were the Shama District Health Director, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine, and the Fmr. SRC PRO of Komenda College of Education, Mr. Moses Coleman.

The District Health Director, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine

Touching on the health, hygiene, and welfare of the youth, the District Health Director, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine admonished the youth to stay away from pre-marital sex, adding the consequences are unbearable.

The Director, however, stated that, in instances where one finds it difficult to abstain at this early stage, safe sex should be practiced.

The District Health Director, Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine

“I will not urge you to start having sexual intercourse at these tender ages. I will not entertain that, but if you are here and you cannot abstain from it, then protect yourself. Go in for a condom and practice safe sex” Mrs. Judith Naa Deide Okine expressed.

She also advised the youth not to resort to abortion in case of unwanted pregnancies. Noting a lot did that during their youthful phases and today they regretted their actions as they cannot conceive.

“When the unexpected happens, do not abort. Talk to your parent or the Queen Mother or visit any of our health facilities and talk with them. They will help you. Do not try aborting as your life and future are at stake if you should”, she concluded

Former SRC PRO Of Komenda College of Education, Moses Coleman

The former SRC Public Relations Officer for Komenda College of Education was the resource person for the Mentorship Talk.

Using his life and experiences, Master Moses Coleman encouraged the youth to pursue their dreams. Stating that it is good to have a vision, however, it is better to have a direction.

Coleman asserted many youths are galavanting around with visions but lack direction.

The former SRC Public Relations Officer for Komenda College of Education, Master Moses Coleman

“how to achieve your vision is better and far outweighs the vision. Do not limit your vision to only wish, or mere desire, work towards it. You have to create the future you want. Do not just desire it! ” he noted

He further urged the youth not to give up on their visions no matter the setbacks on their way up to achieve the vision, as achieving the vision will erase the atrocities they have been through.

“Nothing should stop you from achieving your aim, not even pregnancy. No matter what happens, work hard and if possible harder. Push up! Do not give up!” he urges.

Master Moses Coleman also informed the youth to invest in their crafts and whatever skills or talents they possess.

‘Invest in yourself. Stop the ‘flamboyant purchases’ at these early stages and develop yourself. Is it better to opt for experiences that pay off later than getting deceived and trapped by a few cedis or dollars at the early stages of life”, he stated

In conclusion, he urged the youth to live righteous lives and fear God. Stating it is a major convincing way to a brighter tomorrow.

“Do not live unrighteously and expect to meet the right people. Live right and in line with God’s will and God will cause the right people to meet you and assist you when you need help”-

The Presiding Member of the Shama District Assembly- Honourable Emmanuel
Mark Ackon.

The programme was also graced by the Presiding Member of the Shama District Assembly, Honorable Emmanuel Mark Ackon.

In his submission, Honorable Mark Ackon applauded the Queen Mother and the Let Everyone Smile Foundation for the programme.

The Presiding Member of the Shama District Assembly- Honourable Emmanuel
Mark Ackon.

” the program is a timely one and I must commend our Queen Mother and the LESF for the initiative”

Focusing on cleanliness and environmental hygiene, He called on the youth to help keep the Community clean and free from environmental degradation even as they celebrate their festival.

The Presiding Member of the Shama District Assembly also cautions the youth against inappropriate disposal of waste and other activities that puts the community and the nation in danger.

He concluded by urging all to be patriotic for a better Ghana.

Free Health Screening and Testing

There was free health screening and testing for HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, and Tuberculosis(TB) for all the participants by the Shama District Health Directorate.

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