I gave Up Lottery In 2004 and I am Grateful I did – Obed Kwabena Bangdome(Taadi Mayor) Writes


A lottery is another exciting and fun gambling game that people love. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, lottery games are now available online also.

The thing that people need to do is to have a good internet connection, and a workable device and they can play the lottery anytime they want.

About 87% of today’s youths are involved in the lottery in one way or the other. Many with the notion that it is the only available ‘job’ in the country that they believe yields high dividends within the shortest possible time.

Is that true? Obed Kwabena Bangdome(Taadi Mayor) has shared his ordeal in the ‘lottery venture’. On his Facebook page, Obed urged the youths to desist from the act as it is a means to ruin one future and live in absurd poverty.

In the post, Obed Kwabena Bangdome(Taadi Mayor) wrote;

“I gave up the lottery in 2014. And I’m grateful for about 8 years I HAVE NOT participated in any form of lottery which involves money. Cos I applied for the US lottery once, in 2019.

During those times, my salary was always finished before the end of the month. And I started making up stories to borrow money from my colleagues at the office who were receiving lower salaries than me. At times, I’ll lie that my mom had fallen ill, just to get money to stake 2 sure.

I was at the district level then, and one day I overheard one of our laborers telling a story of a man who had won huge sums of money the previous week from the lottery. I drew closer and asked where he got the number from. The laborer said it was the next 2 towns from Bibiani and he could take me if I want to.

I was using my mom’s corolla then. With my friend Perry and the man, we drove to the town but we were told the man had gone to the farm. I wasn’t satisfied with the house in which the man was living cos it wasn’t befitting of someone who makes people win millions of cedis through the lottery.

Fast forward, I developed an interest and subscribed to an SMS lotto platform they sent me daily numbers and I paid 50 cedis per week. When I go to see the lotto agents, they always told me one thing “whoever is giving you these numbers knows keys. The numbers are sure banker if u have money on you stake it big” and my head will become bigger. I can stake 2 sure for like 100 cedis.

I changed my source of number and called this Muslim guy who was on Facebook. He didn’t charge but asked for a token and directed me to donate to a beggar. I drove my mom’s car, parked in the public, and dashed a mentally ill person 20 cedis. The way people were looking at me. Everything looked like I was a sakawa boy. But did I care?

All these, no big win.

One annoying thing about the lottery is that u are always in a rush to hear the winning numbers. A friend told me the reason my numbers were not drawn among the winning numbers is that I think about them too much after staking. So along the line, when I stake, I’d pretend I’m not thinking about it. I will hide the tickets in my backpack and I’d even not check on the winning numbers until the next day in the afternoon.

Still, plus 1 minus 1. Or the staked numbers will be in the machine numbers.

So one time I attended a workshop meeting with a Physician Assistant (PA) at the Regional Office. On our way, he called a lotto agent to stake some numbers for him on credit. When he was done with his call, I made him know I am also into lottery so he shd share some numbers with me when we return from the workshop.

When we returned, our per diem was ready and the district accountant had given me the money with a PV to take to the PA. When I entered his consulting room another man jumped the queue and entered.

To my surprise, this man was a lotto agent who had brought the PA his lottery bill for the month. He owed 500 cedis. The PA signed, took his per diem from me, and gave the whole money to the lotto agent.

It was that day I said to myself, lotto is not a good thing. I called my subscribers to warn them to stop sending me numbers for the remaining days of the week. I texted my Muslim guy on Facebook to stop sharing numbers with me.

I looked at the Pas’s life and used it as a lesson for me. I did not want to end up like him. Today I am glad to say I do not count myself among the guys who wait patiently for the month to end to get their salary. And it’s because I gave up on the lottery.

I am not sharing this to show off, I want anyone reading this piece to take a cue and turn their life around. Maybe yours is betting. It’s never too late to stop it. The time is now.”

Credit: Obed Kwabena Bangdome(Taadi Mayor)
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