How To Register For NTC Exams As A Resit Candidate (Post Diploma Or Degree)


Resitting candidates for the NTC exams are advised to follow this simple process to register for their exams.

Here are the steps to be followed:

1. Dial *772*51# and press 2 to start the registration process. Proceed to purchase the required voucher.

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2. Visit the official website of NTC exams at

3. On the website, locate the resit registration option and click on it.

4. Input your previous GTLE number along with the purchased voucher.

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5. As a resit candidate, you have the option to choose a new exam center. It is advisable to change your center if possible.

6. After completing the registration process, make sure to print out the examination permit.

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This permit contains the timetable for your exams. Keep it safe and bring it on the examination day.

It is worth noting that resit candidates are not required to undergo indexing or confirmation procedures.

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However, it is essential to carefully follow the registration process outlined above to ensure a successful registration.

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