How to Create a GhanaPay Account and Link It to Your NSS Profile


GhanaPay, an innovative mobile wallet service, has partnered with the National Service Scheme (NSS) to facilitate seamless monthly payments for personnel.

This article outlines the process of creating a GhanaPay account and linking it to NSS to ensure timely and secure payment transactions.

Step 1: Create a GhanaPay Account

• Download the GhanaPay app from the Google Play Store (Android) at or Apple App Store (iOS).

• Register for an account using your name, date of birth, Ghana Card number, mobile phone number, and email address.

• Create a secure PIN to protect your account.

• Verify your account using the SMS or email verification code.

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Step 2: Link Your GhanaPay Account to NSS

• Log in to your NSS dashboard at

• Navigate to the “Payment” or “Financial Details” section.

• Enter your GhanaPay phone number in the designated field, ensuring it matches the number used to register your GhanaPay account.

• Submit the information and ensure it is saved correctly.

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Step 3: Verify and Monitor Payments

• You should receive a confirmation message on your NSS dashboard and GhanaPay app.

• Regularly check your GhanaPay wallet and NSS dashboard to ensure payments are being processed correctly.

• Maintain sufficient funds in your GhanaPay account to cover any transaction fees.

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NOTE: You are not part of this new initiative by NSS if your E-zwich card has already been approved.

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