Holy Child College of Education Receives Generous Donation of Dustbins from SRC

Miss Lawrencia Ewurama Akuoku making presentation to the Principal of the college, Dr. Francis Hull Adams
Miss Lawrencia Ewurama Akuoku making presentation to the Principal of the college, Dr. Francis Hull Adams

The immediate past Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Holy Child College of Education, under the leadership of Miss Lawrencia Ewurama Akuoku, has taken a significant step towards promoting hygiene and sanitation in the college by donating twelve (12) big dustbins.

The presentation of the items was made on Wednesday, 15th March 2023, at the college premises, where the Principal, Dr Francis Hull Adam, the Vice Principal, Mr Kojo Prah, and the former Dean of Students’ Affairs, Mrs Kafui Danku Diaba, and the current SRC led by Miss Anasacia Egyan, received the donation on behalf of the college.

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The college principal expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the executives for their kind gesture and emphasized the importance of proper sanitation for the well-being of the students and the entire college community. He further urged the various groups in the college, especially the religious groups, to take inspiration from the SRC’s act of kindness and do something in their small ways to help the college maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Miss Lawrencia, in an interview with Coleman publications, explained that they had some capitation fund from TTAG, which the executives topped up to purchase the dustbins for the college. She expressed her appreciation to TTAG and her executives for supporting her administration in realizing their dream of purchasing dustbins for the college.

The donation of the dustbins by the past SRC is a commendable initiative that will go a long way in promoting hygiene and cleanliness in the college. It is a reminder that even small efforts can bring significant change and make a big difference. SRC Executives in the various colleges are urged to take inspiration from the Holy Child College of Education SRC and do their part in promoting a cleaner and healthier environment and supporting their college in any small way they can.

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