Here is What to Note or Do if You Have not Received Your Allowance


As reported ealier, the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) has disbursed four months’ arrears to teacher trainees.

However, information available to us reveals that some of the trainees who went to the bank to load their cards did not receive any funds.

If you are one of these individuals, we advise you to reload your card again if the first attempt showed “no signature to load.”

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If the issue persists and there are no funds to load, Kindly contact the allowance liaison officer in your college for your updated details to be sent to SLTF.

In addition, the SLTF will also send the list of students whose disbursements were not successful to the various colleges for their correct details to be uploaded into the system.

While we cannot assure them as to when they will receive payment after their correct details are uploaded, they will eventually receive their share.

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It is important to also note that not receiving a message from SLTF does not necessarily mean that you were not paid.

Trainees are advised to go to the bank and load their cards to check first, as it could be a delay in the message.

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