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Here are the reasons for the delay in the payment of trainees’ allowance

It is recommended that the Trainees' Association (TTAG) engage with allowance officers to address this issue promptly
It is recommended that the Trainees' Association (TTAG) engage with allowance officers to address this issue promptly

Trainees across the various public colleges of education have been eagerly awaiting the disbursement of their allowances from the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) for the first semester of their 2023/2024 academic year.

However, the process has experienced a delay due to a lack of updated students details from a significant number of colleges.

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According to reports, out of the 46 public colleges of education, only 22 have uploaded their updated students details to the SLTF.

This has hindered the timely disbursement of allowances to trainees.

The delay is attributed to the fact that the allowance officers in these colleges are preoccupied with other time-consuming duties, leaving them unable to upload the necessary details.

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Additionally, it is also alleged that these officers are not compensated for their extra service (working on students details for the allowance), resulting in some being reluctant to upload their students data unto the SLTF System.

Sadly, until all the allowance officers in the various colleges provide the required information, trainees should not expect their allowances anytime soon

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To address this issue, the Trainees’ Teachers Association of Ghana (TTAG) must engage with the various allowance officers in the colleges and the relevant stakeholders to discuss the way forward.

It should be noted that the SLTF and the relevant stakeholders are committed to keeping trainees informed about their allowances.

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They understand the significance of these financial benefits for trainees and are working diligently to resolve the delay.

Coleman Publications will also ensure that trainees are kept abreast of any developments regarding their allowances.

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