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“MORLLA Foundation” is a Ghanaian-based Non-Profit Organization that is aimed at helping the needy, educating the physically challenged, and motivating them to achieve their goals. It is focused on providing care and support for the less privileged.

The Foundation undertakes projects that seek to benefit schools, children, and the community at large


Morgan Roland, Emmanuella Duodu, and a group of learners from Komenda College of Education formed MORLLA Foundation.

As student teachers, they observed many challenges in the Basic schools during their S.T.S (Supported Teaching in Schools) programmes.

From their observation, most of the physically challenged pupils and less privileged were neglected and some also alienate themselves from participating and putting much effort into activities that go on in classes and the school at large due to their status and appearance.

This was coupled with poor academic performance, child labor, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and many more. To limit the situation and bring positive change, Morgan and Emmanuella set up the MORLLA foundation to restore hope to the vulnerable.

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Devoted to helping the physically challenged and the less privileged children to be able to fit Cognitively, Socially, Physically, and Spiritually in society and help solve societal challenges.


Support less privileged children in schools to meet the acceptable standards in their society and the nation.

  1. To boost the interest and happiness of the less privileged.
  2. To promote physiological changes in the brain of the less privileged and let them understand they are part of society and can contribute to its development of it.
  3. To create recognition and knowledge of children’s rights. To change the point of view, worth, and behavior towards children and make society aware that physically challenged and underprivileged can also contribute to the development of society.
  4. To provide room to educate the less privileged and support them in education.

At “MF” we hope our programs will bring change in the lives of the less privileged in society. “MF” was founded based on the dares of the teens, and school children in their daily activities in society; hence, the need for commitment and dedication in outlining our programs.

“MF” pursues interaction through social and educational problems through our observation and interaction approaches in our S.T.S schools. Our outlines include children’s support, health, education, and empowerment. We focus much on the physically challenged and the less privileged.

Join MORLLA Foundation

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