Halt The Implementation Of The 15% Fee Increment For Further Engagements- GRASAG to Government and GTEC

The Graduate students’ Association of Ghana(GRASAG) has made a release expressing their displeasure concerning the decision by the government to increase fees by 15% across board.

The release dated Friday, 30th December 2022 posited members of the association have been hit hard by the economic crisis the country is experiencing, and an increase in the tertiary fees will aggravate the situation.

The association told the Government and GTEC to engage stakeholders including student Unions before implementing such approved fees.

GRASAG also called on the Government and GTEC to halt the implementation of the increment indefinitely to allow for further engagement with relevant bodies.

The association threatened to oppose any attempt by any University Management to impose the increment on their members without any extensive engagement with all relevant stakeholders.

Below is the release


“The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG National) wishes to express its displeasure about the decision to increase university fees by the Management of the Public Universities, which also affects postgraduate students.

The Association is displeased with this decision because it comes at a time when Ghanaians are experiencing worst economic conditions.

GRASAG members all over the country have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and an increase in university fees, we believe, will exacerbate the situation.

The GRASAG National leadership has received a lot of disturbing news from our members on how this increment will negatively impact their finances.

Many also spoke about the possibility of them dropping out of school due to their inability to deal with the increment.

We are aware that provisional fees for some universities have already been released and students are expected to begin payments.

Some Universities have increased their fees above the 15% approved rate by the Parliament.

GRASAG is by this release calling on Government and Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) to halt the implementation of this increment indefinitely to allow for further engagements with all relevant stakeholders, including Student Unions.

The government should also ensure that all fees charged by universities are standardized to avoid the problem of individual university administrations unilaterally deciding on the margin of fee increment without recourse to the Parliament-approved fees

We would like to state unequivocally that GRASAG will oppose any attempt by any University Management to impose the increment on Our members without extensive engagements with all relevant stakeholders.

Finally, we want to encourage our members to remain calm while we take steps to intervene in this matter.”

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