GTEC Imposes GH¢100 Charge on Public University Students

GTEC Imposes GH¢100 Charge on Public University Students
GTEC Imposes GH¢100 Charge on Public University Students

The Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) has directed all public university students to pay a GH¢100 fee for the 2023/2024 academic year.

The directive, approved by Parliament as a Miscellaneous Provision, has drawn concerns from students, parents, and educational stakeholders.

Reasons for the Charge

GTEC has cited several reasons for the charge, including:

• Financial Sustainability: The revenue generated will help reduce the financial burden on the government and promote the self-reliance of public universities.

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• Equitable Distribution: The charge will ensure a fairer distribution of resources among different institutions, addressing disparities in funding and infrastructure.

• Quality Improvement: The funds will be used to enhance education quality by upgrading facilities, investing in modern teaching methods, and attracting qualified faculty.

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Impact on Students

The GH¢100 charge has sparked mixed reactions from students.

While some understand the need for financial sustainability, others express concerns about the additional financial burden it places on them.

Role of GTEC

As the regulatory body for tertiary education in Ghana, GTEC is responsible for ensuring the quality, equity, and accessibility of higher education.

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The commission’s directive aims to improve the financial stability and educational outcomes of public universities.

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