Government of Ghana to Reintroduce Road Tolls


In an effort to generate additional revenue for infrastructure development and maintenance, the Government has proposed the reintroduction of road tolls on selected public roads and highways.

This revenue measure was one of several outlined in the 2023 budget proposal presented to Parliament by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta.

The proposed reintroduction of road tolls is expected to address inefficiencies that were characterized by the previous toll collection regime through the use of technology. This renewed focus aims to improve the efficiency of toll collection, making it more convenient and reliable for road users.

The proposed toll collection system will include discounts for frequent users and public transportation vehicles. The fees charged will vary depending on the type of vehicle using the road, with the funds generated going towards the maintenance and development of Ghana’s road infrastructure.

The reintroduction of the road tolls is expected to be implemented in the coming months, following the necessary legislative processes and infrastructure setup. The government hopes that this measure will encourage proper road maintenance and infrastructure development while providing much-needed revenue for Ghana’s economy

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